Maintenance and support at any time and everywhere

Ologik Engineering offer a service of maintenance and support by the most modern, easy, and cheaper way to achieve technical task requesting qualified people by anyone.

Qualified technical maintenance

We have the knowledge, qualified engineers, and technicians are ready to assist you at any place you are in the world, engine maintenance, water circuit, hydraulics, Navigation & PLC systems, Networking, audio & video systems, and domotics.

Virtual Reality

Using our virtual reality glass, you'll be the eyes and hands of our engineers. Just wear the Mentor Glasses, connect them to the internet via WiFi or 4G, and follow the instruction of the technician. He will see everything through the high-resolution camera on the glasses and send you precise visual and audio information or documents that you can see through the screen you have in from of your eye. All your movements will be guided to achieve the specific task of maintenance or troubleshooting.

How it works

Buy or rent one or more Mentor glasses for your team and leave them ready on site! You'll be registered on our database and by a simple call to our emergency number, we can instantly connect one of our technicians to your glasses via a secure connection. You'll save the travel and hotel fees, time and you'll learn how to do it.
We offer also remote training for specifics tasks.


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