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PROJECTS: Projects

MY Alamshar

On the fast motor yacht Alamshar, we have made various upgrades and modifications to their Crestron media automation system. 
As well as the interior and exterior lighting system needs to be upgraded to LED, we have made a full cabin as a test and the difference is uncomparable to the old Halogen setup. We are currently working on a full upgrade proposition.



We have been mandated to design and upgrade the KNX Programmation on board of the MY Virtue to upgrade the lighting system to LED. All the actual incandescent 230VAC dimmers were replaced by KNX led dimmers. To keep the budget at the requested rate, we have only replaced the bulbs to LED and all dimmers supplied by 12VDC. The system has been made to keep the exact same functioning as before using the same buttons function. 
The result is that all the old and heavy transformers were removed, the system is safer and stronger. Less maintenance by the crew, simple installation, and the warm white light is still very close to the incandescent light color.


Full upgrade to Control4 smart automation.
Centralized processor used with android remote touch panels.
Main lounge, External forward and aft zones, master cabin, and three guest cabins were renewed with audio and video system.
Local movies streaming database, connection to standard streaming audio and video platform.
Full Programmation customized to the boat needs.


Full troubleshooting of the Crestron integration accordingly to the client needing and upgrade to the actual AV standard. The user interface were completely redesigned making the system easy and friendly to use.


Full lighting upgrade from Halogen to LED with Crestron control through DALI professional bus. The challenge was to keep the same warm white light color to a more secure and less energy-consuming with less maintenance for the crew. Complete programming of the lighting system to Crestron.


Control4 integration system on a city apartment with audio
sources, video streaming local and online, sound design, 
light management, and security camera.
The control interface includes
remote access for security and monitoring.


Replacement of the navigation computer running Maxsea TimeZero and upgrade of the navigation NMEA signals. The reception of 4G+ was also upgraded with a router and dual antennas configuration.


During three months, a team of professional regatta skippers, and a scientific team made a research expedition to learn what is driving our earth by the plankton. 
Ologik engineering had set the energy and navigation system onboard.


The mission was to make the entertainement systems woking again. A huge job of consulting has been made to draw the diagrams of the entertainment systems on board. 
The network has been checked and updated to the current standard.



Ologik engineering offers customized integration

systems solutions that make the difference in your yacht or your home.

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