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Full upgrade to LED on Yachts

We are pleased and honored to have been chosen to upgrade a full lighting system on the MY Emerald.

The upgrade consists to replace all actual incandescent lights with LED with full integration into the control system. That means the user can manage the lights with the remote control, the buttons, or one of the control screens. Only switch on the lights, dim them at the best intensity, or set a complete ambiance with a simple button. That's what we do.

The upgrade will secure the yacht from fire purpose as the old incandescent systems come very hot and the dust accumulated on the ceiling come to be dangerous.

As well as the weight is decreased significantly by removing all big transformers. Only 24VDC dimmers are used.

The system is based on a DALI2 network to manage all dimmers and a KNX management network is implemented to access every system and get the automation on another level accordingly to the current standards.

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