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Yacht lighting upgrade

Upgrade your lighting system from Halogen to LED with a full control integration to Crestron. We are beginning now a full upgrade to LED on a 50m Yacht. The owner and crew will gain the following: Weight and space by replacing the old and heavy transformers falling in the ceiling by small and light LED drivers. Increase your security avoiding incandescant lights coming warm and creating fire hazard. Recommanded specially for yachts having more than 10 years with lots of hided

Iodysseus Scientific mission

Ologik is a partner of Iodysseus to ensure the technical part of the mission 1. A class 40 Sail yacht will be used to the first mission of the Iodysseus project. Ologik will be responsible of the energy, navigation systems, communication and co navigator with the skipper Eric Defert during all the navigation in the Celtic sea. The mission consist to study one of the most important part of the climate regulation parameter, the plankton in the air! We will take sample with a fa

Control4 course with Genesis technologies

Training to the home Automation Control4 system. Many thanks to Genesis Technologies for their professionalism and reaction to the world of AV integration. Ologik Engineering SL is now a partner of Genesis Technologies and all their provided Brands as Control4 for Home Automation on Yachts and Villas, Triad for sound routing and Pakedge for a strong and reliable network. And much more... #Control4 #Ologik #Home Automation #Palma #AVIT

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